7 Misconceptions About LTO Tapes

Hard Drives vs. LTO Tapes

The Linear Tape Technology although the most popular data storage format in the market today has got some key misconceptions that make many people opt for other storage devices. The biggest competition for the LTO Data Backup Tape technology outside the data tape industry is external hard drives. In some way you can understand the attractiveness of hard drives. They are easy to use, provide large amounts of storage capacity and are a durable storage means.

However unknown to most people is that these mentioned advantages of hard drives are also present in LTO Backup Tapes. There are many misconceptions about the Linear Tape Open technology resulting in people preferring hard drives for data storage. This article is meant to clear some of these misconceptions so that the LTO technology can be seen in a different light. masking tape manufacturer

1. LTO Tapes do not have large storage capacities

This is the biggest misconception about this technology. It is true that the hard drives have storage capacities in the terabyte range but the LTO technology also have got some generations with storage capacities in the range of terabytes.

2. LTO Tapes are not fast at transferring data

This is another big misconception as to those without information, only hard drives are fast at transferring data. However this technology possesses data transfer rates in the MB/s range. As an example the HP 7976A LTO 6 Data Storage Tape offers a data transfer rate of 160 MB/s.

3. LTO Tapes are not durable

This cannot be more wrong. These devices are manufactured precisely for backup needs and as such are made robust and durable. In fact most of these devices on sale in the market come with a limited lifetime warranty. For those that are not aware, these devices come with an archival life of 30 years.

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