Best Cat Toys For Interactive Play

We all have bought cat toys that our cats just were not interested in.  Talk to pet shop owners and they will all tell you that it is impossible to keep their store cats away from the Go Cat cat wands. They literally have to keep this toys hidden from the resident cats.

What makes each of the GoCat toys so enticing to cats?  The #1 reason is they emulate what cats prey upon in the wild.  The DaBird mimics a bird in flight.  This toy is made in 2 pieces that snap together to make a 36″ long fiberglass rod with 50 lb. test braided nylon string that is aerodynamically configured with feathers. Cats love to chase birds-it’s in their nature.  Just hold this and dangle and your cats will jump and try to grab the pretend bird at the end.  We have 2 ocicats and these cats love to jump and chase things.  We can’t seem to get this away from them once they get the feathers in their mouths.  Scratch and Purr

Our breeder gave us a sparkler toy for our cats and we were always looking for these toys with no luck.  Finally, we found the feather wands by Go Cat.  There are so many different varieties- The cat tail teaser wand with its maribou feather attachment can be dragged along the floor to entice play; The kitty broom teaser wand has feathers surrounding a peacock herl-peacock feathers definitely work for added interest.  The sparkler teaser wand makes noise that drives our ocicats crazy.  Just shake this wand about 3 ft from the ground and every cat in your house will come running.  The sparkler teaser wand has mylar ribbons that make noise surrounding a large peacock eye feather in the middle and gorgeous, colorful maribou feathers all the way around.  The bright sparkling kitty duster teaser wand features colorful hackle feathers with sparkling mylar ribbons around them.

All cats need exercise for a healthy body and mind.  Get your cats moving to extend their life.  These GoCat toys are so simple, yet so interactive for kittens and cats. The GoCat toys will encourage exercise and give mental stimulation. It is pure fun to watch our cats jump and flip and go completely bonkers over their cat wands from GoCat.  They are very inexpensive- from $3.95 to $6.95.  The Go Cat cat wands are quality, hand-crafted cat toys that are made in the USA.  The DaBird has several attachments also that can be interchanged daily or weekly.



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