4 Types Of Rigging Equipment You Should Know

4 Types Of Rigging Equipment You Should Know


Rigging equipment is essential to many construction, manufacturing, and industrial projects. It refers to the tools and devices used to lift, move, and position heavy objects, materials, and machinery. Rigging equipment includes various devices, each designed for specific tasks and applications. Here are four types of equipment you can buy from reliable rigging equipment suppliers in UAE:


Cranes are the most well-known type of rigging equipment. They are large, heavy-duty machines that use a combination of pulleys, cables, and hoists to lift and move objects. Cranes come in various sizes and designs, including mobile cranes, tower cranes, and overhead cranes. Mobile cranes are mounted on a truck or trailer and are used for outdoor projects. Tower cranes are used for tall building construction and have a jib that can rotate 360 degrees. Overhead cranes, also known as bridge cranes, are used in factories and warehouses to move materials horizontally along a set path.


Hoists are mechanical devices used to lift and move heavy objects vertically. They use a drum or pulley system to lift the load using a cable or chain. Hoists can be manual, electric, or air-powered and come in various sizes and capacities. They are commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and industrial settings to lift and move heavy objects such as machinery, pipes, and steel beams.


Slings are lengths of material, such as chains, wire rope, or fabric, used to lift and move heavy objects. They are attached to the load using hooks or other attachments and then connected to the hoist or crane. Slings come in different sizes and materials to suit different loads and applications. Chain slings are strong and durable but can be heavy and difficult to handle. Wire rope slings are lightweight and flexible but prone to wear and tear. Fabric slings are soft and easy to handle but have a lower capacity and are unsuitable for sharp or abrasive loads.


Shackles are metal devices that connect slings, ropes, and other rigging equipment to the load. They have a circular body with a pin or bolt that allows them to be easily attached and removed. Shackles come in various sizes and designs, including anchor shackles, chain shackles, and screw pin shackles. Anchor shackles are the most common type used to attach slings to the load. Chain shackles connect slings to other rigging equipment, such as hoists or cranes. Screw pin shackles have a bolt that can be tightened or loosened, making them easy to attach and remove.