December 5, 2023

Medical Mattresses – Which Is The Better Option?

Medical Mattresses - Which Is The Better Option?


Inflatable mattresses aren’t the only option for medical mattresses. There are also latex, memory foam, and hypoallergenic options available. These options are best for people with allergies or other conditions that require special care when sleeping. These mattresses are also good values and offer excellent pressure relief and durability. However, before buying these, know the medicated mattress price in UAE.

Inflatable mattresses:

Inflatable medical mattresses offer many benefits. They are inexpensive, portable, and durable. The International chiropractors association endorses them. Among other things, they feature low air loss systems and evaporative breathable materials. This medical mattress also features an antimicrobial and waterproof cover with a zippered closure. They also come with a pump and a duffel bag for storage.

In addition, medical air mattresses are lightweight and easy to maintain. These mattresses are ideal for joint and body pain patients or those prone to bed sores. They can be adjusted to the right firmness for the patient, reducing the risk of bedsores and pressure ulcers.

Memory foam:

While memory foam is often the preferred choice for mattresses, it is not the only one. Some people use them for a variety of reasons. A mattress made of memory foam has many benefits, including a softer feel and a more supportive core. However, it does not treat sleep apnea or other sleep-breathing problems. For these reasons, shopping around before buying a mattress is important.


While both foam mattresses are popular for hospital beds, they have some differences. One has double layers of foam, which provide better support, and the other has a cushier surface. Both types are easily adjustable to fit the patient’s needs. The differences lie in the type of foam and the degree of support provided by the base. A medical mattress can help improve sleep quality for a patient suffering from back pain or other musculoskeletal conditions.

Hypoallergenic materials:

There are many benefits to sleeping on a hypoallergenic mattress, especially if you suffer from asthma or allergies. It is also helpful to have antimicrobial bed sheets and a good mattress protector. If these do not work, a medical professional can recommend a hypoallergenic mattress for those with respiratory problems.