December 9, 2022

Pakistan E-visa Requirements, Processing Time, And Cost

Pakistan E-visa Requirements, Processing Time, And Cost


One of the best ways to get a work visa in Pakistan is through a Pakistan evisa. These free visas allow foreign nationals to live and work legally in Pakistan for up to three years. They also come with several benefits. This article will find out what documents you need and how to apply for one. In addition, you will discover a little information about the cost and processing time of your Pakistan e-visa.

Documents required to apply for a Pakistan visa:

If you are planning to visit Pakistan, you must present certain documents. First, you need to have a valid Pakistani passport. Then, you need to provide copies of the relevant documents. These documents will vary depending on your nationality. If you are a Muslim, you will need to present an original NikahNama and an English translation, and you will also need to present a NADRA-issued marriage registration certificate. Both of these documents reflect similar information, but they do not constitute sufficient proof of marriage. Non-Muslims must also submit a marriage certificate issued by a religious authority. Union councils do not issue this certificate, and it is important to note that the religious authority of your host country may not issue a NADRA certificate.

In addition to a valid passport, you must submit two photos of yourself. These photographs must be in passport size. Loose or scanned photographs will not be accepted. You will also need to include a letter from an NGO/INGO requesting the visa. The application should be submitted at least two months before you plan to travel.

Processing time for a Pakistan e-visa extension:

If you need to extend your stay in Pakistan, you should apply for a visa extension in advance. Applying for an extension can take anywhere from 10 to 14 days. It is important to know that you must have your passport and visa ready. You should also know the processing time, as it can vary greatly.

Cost of a Pakistan evisa:

The cost of a Pakistan e-visa depends on several factors, including your nationality, the processing speed, and the type of visa. Most visas can be obtained between US$8 and US$120, with an additional fee if you urgently need them. If you’re unsure how much to pay, you should check the visa fee packages, which offer different rates depending on the time and type of visa you need.