September 23, 2023

The Cheapest Second Citizenship By Investment Programs

The Cheapest Second Citizenship By Investment Programs


If you have a family in another country, you may want to consider getting dual citizenship. It can provide tax benefits, increase international business opportunities, and improve your lifestyle. The choice of country for dual citizenship depends on the person’s needs. If you’re looking to buy dual citizenship by investment, the cheapest country to invest in is Dominica. Other countries with a low price tag include Cyprus, Bulgaria, and St. Lucia.

Dominica offers the cheapest second citizenship by investment:

Dominica government’s economic citizenship program is a good option for people who want to acquire second citizenship without spending a fortune. You can get citizenship for your family, provided that you meet the country’s eligibility requirements. In addition to the age requirement, you must not have any criminal record. The application process takes about 60 to 90 days.


Cyprus may be the right option if you’re looking for a cheap way to get a European residence. The island offers many benefits that can enhance your personal and financial life. You can renounce your US citizenship and become a citizen of Europe. You can also enjoy the perks of a Cyprus passport while reducing your tax burden.


Bulgarian citizenship by investment program is relatively simple to complete. Officially called the Bulgaria Immigrant Investor Program, it was set up to attract foreign investors. The citizenship by investment program is relatively inexpensive compared to other EU countries. The cost is EUR512, 000, which is considerably lower than the costs of other EU countries. Interested parties can apply for citizenship by investing in a new project developed by a Bulgarian company. The investor must invest a minimum of 500,000 BGN (255,000 euros) in the Bulgarian economy. This includes creating at least 20 jobs in Bulgaria and participation in the share capital of a Bulgarian company.

St. Lucia:

Citizenship by investment in St. Lucia can be obtained by investing in the country’s government bonds. The minimum investment required is USD 100,000 for single applicants and USD 165,000 for married couples. However, the price is not that low as you’ll need to spend a substantial amount of money.

Antigua & Barbuda:

An investment in Antigua and Barbuda can grant you second citizenship in the Caribbean. There are many benefits to this type of citizenship. The process can be completed in a relatively short time. Moreover, there are no residency requirements, making this type of citizenship particularly attractive for those already active in the international business sector.