How to use a sbobet betting bonus for free

You got a 100% play from your favorite book for free and you want to maximize your returns. There are many ways to convert a free play from your favorite book into cash, but this is the best way.

Here’s an example of a play I performed recently:

NBA- Dec 27, 2010
Minnesota Timberwolves +155
New Orleans Hornets -170

Our goal now is to convert the $500 play into at least $250 cash. When we’re done, our cash balance should be $250+ $500 = $750 These lines represent money lines. The free play on the dog must be used at all times. A line of at least +150 with no more than -200 from the other team is a good way to ensure at least 50% return. This is not possible in one book. You will need money from another book to make it work. daftar sbobet

Let’s now see how this betting strategy turns out. Our $500 FP would have been placed on the Minnesota Timberwolves +155. This would have meant that we would risk $500 to win $775. Our other account now has $500 cash to bet on the New Orleans Hornets 170 for $500 to win $294.12.

Final outcome: Minnesota wins $775 cash from FP. We lose $500 cash play so our profit is $275. Final outcome: New Orleans wins = $0 from FP but gains $294.12 cash play. Our profit is $294.12.

Minnesota wins = $275 Cash, which means that 55% of the FP has been converted into cash.
New Orleans wins = $294.12 Cash, which is 58.8% conversion of the FP to cash.

How did we do it? The Minnesota Timberwolves won this game. The new cash balance is $500 plus $275 = $775. I made this play in just a few minutes and it earned me a nice 55% return. This added to my bottom line.

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