Kitchen Range Buying Guide

The kitchen range has been the most basic catering equipment to use in the kitchen. Although you will often see people cooking in a microwave, still it is not possible to use microwave without relying too much in a this catering equipment than what it is if you have a kitchen range in your kitchen. The kitchen range is your all in one catering equipment for cooking and baking because it has a stove top on top and an oven at the bottom.

Some are well knowledgeable in choosing a kitchen range, but others are not skilled enough in finding the right catering equipment for their kitchen. It is not just all about the material used, there are also certain factors in which you can determine if the catering equipment is the right one for you. custom range hoods

Electric, Gas or Dual Fuel Range?

When buying a kitchen range, the first thing that the salesperson will ask to you is whether you want gas or electric. Most type of fuel range you choose depends on the kind of kitchen you have. If you have a natural gas installation, therefore, natural gas will be beneficial.

With dual fuel range, you have the option of using gas for cooking and electric for baking. This provides a more efficient cooking method since you won’t be wasting too much gas when cooking and baking at the same time; Moreover, provides the advantage of even cooking from an electric oven.

Type of Range

Ranges come in different configurations: freestanding, slide-in, and drop in. A freestanding range is the most popular catering equipment because the it stands on its own. It has a panel on both sides giving it a complete, finished look from any angle. This is a kind of kitchen range that will not be placed in a cabinet.

Slide-in range does not have finished panels. The slide-in range is made to sit between cabinets or used at the end of the row of cabinets. The advantage of slide-in range is that, like a freestanding range, this catering equipment is remarkably easy to install. However, you need to provide precise measurements of both cabinet and countertop should be provided to avoid a poorly fit stove.

The drop-in model has a stove that sits on top. It requires support from the counter top, and it hangs from the cutout in the countertop. The advantage of a drop-in model is that you have the freedom to customize everything that you need although, there are specific mounting requirement and fire-blocking requirements that need to be met.

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