Knowing If You’re An Entrepreneur

Do You Think You Are An Entrepreneur

I guess the very first question, is would you really want the headache? We always make entrepreneurship out to be a sensational thing. We observe great success stories and routinely assume that, with virtually no pain or struggle that entrepreneurs just have this excellent success. The truth is that there are few roads in ones career path which can be tougher then that of the entrepreneur.

Sure, we may have a lousy boss and wish we could change jobs. Most people will feel they’re underpaid and some believe that filling out surveys on line can be a lousy way to make a living. But when you really want to try tough, jump into the ring of an entrepreneur.

So, to ask yourself the question, do you think you’re an entrepreneur, you will want to understand what one actually is. Entrepreneurs are defined more by their traits and personalities then their business successes and failures. Actually, in the beginning, most entrepreneurs have been known to be massive failures.

As an example, the vast majority of Abraham Lincoln’s career was focused on politics and law. Abraham Lincoln, spent so many election mornings starring at losses, that it was astonishing that he held any office, let alone President of The United States.

Know An Entrepreneur By Their Traits

So, if it isn’t the career success and being the captains of industry, what is it that makes a true Entrepreneur an Entrepreneur. It is a unflagging dedication to being the best they can be at everything they set out to do. The unwavering devotion to successfully complete what they started as well as audacity to think so much of themselves and what they are doing, that they won’t stop for anything. Steph Korey

While there are numerous other traits that go with those specific ones, at the end of the day, it is that drive that focuses everything. It’s also that drive that’s the origin for all commitments of time and resources.

Don’t get me wrong, entrepreneurs aren’t blind chargers. Their commitment to success, regularly comes from a well thought out plan. They are focused on their targeted goals, like a pack of wolves on a cattle farm. They will plan and create strategies for each major step of their companies future. This way they can ensure that when it’s time to react, they understand how and why to react. While, on occasion it is necessary, generally, entrepreneurs do not shoot from the hip.

Teamwork Means Success To An Entrepreneur

This part might just surprise you. We all know entrepreneurs like to lead, but they try never to do it without help. They’re solid believers in building a strong team around them. They want the best along with the brightest since they recognize that anything less may possibly create a risk to the success of the business.

Most people immediately assume that an entrepreneur operates like a lone wolf. But nothing could be farther from the truth. While it may be true that entrepreneurs are likely to get all the glory, they’ll generally be the first to inform you that they could not have gotten to where they were without the assistance of many others. Typically it was a mentor and a strong team.

Which brings me to my closing point. As an entrepreneur, if you want to become one, you’ll have to have that intense focus or you won’t survive. But you also will require a mentor to help you get through the rough patches that come along the way. A solid mentor, typically knows their stuff since they’ve already been through that bath of fire referred to as, “trial and error” and have learned from their mistakes.

Using a spirit guide like that will end up saving you a lot of money and time. So if you’re serious, you will make the investment, because the returns will come considerably faster with great advice. So, if you wish to be that successful entrepreneur, make the investment in yourself and bring in the folks who can help you the most.

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