Outdoor Knives: Your Versatile, All-In-One Tools for the Out Of Doors

In the kitchen, knives are certainly essential, but outdoor knives are most especially important because they serve so many purposes. Whether you’re specifically looking for hunting knives or all-purpose knives, outdoor knives need to be sturdy, well made, and long lasting, so that they’ll serve YOU whenever you need them, without fail.

Folding and fixed

When it comes to knives, there are two basic formats you’ll be considering. Those are fixed blade knives, and folding knives. Fixed blade knives are important because they’re sturdy enough and will hold up to lots of use. Fixed blade knives are generally hunting knives (such as the sturdy and popular bowie knife), and you will want to have one or several, depending on the type of game you’re hunting.

Tactical knives

The bowie knife and other types of tactical knives are important for general use. They can be especially useful if you find yourself stranded in the wilderness (no joke) and need a good cutting blade it’s going to be sturdy and long lasting.

With the tactical knife you choose, whether folding or fixed, a partially serrated blade is going to be especially important if you want to have a good “multipurpose” knife. If the blade you choose has a partially serrated edge and then a smooth edge, the partially serrated edge is going to make it much easier wholesale knives  to cut rope and other difficult materials, while the smooth edge is best for other tasks like preparing food.

Hunting knives

A bowie knife is a great knife to have if you want a truly good, heavy-duty knife that’ll fill a number of duties; this is generally a fixed blade knife, sheathed, and has a clip point. This is among the best of the hunting and you can choose, because you can address your game right in the field with one. They’ll take a lot of pressure, unlike the so-called “survival knives” that have hollow handles. Bowie knives are sturdy enough to take a lot of pressure and torque without breakage. Make sure the construction is full tang, which means the knife blade extends all the way down into the handle, making the knife stronger and more durable, less likely to break.

The Swiss Army (or other similar “all-purpose”) knife

A good Swiss Army folding knife can be an invaluable asset to have, and you can carry one in your pocket at all times when you’re out of doors for convenience. Swiss Army knives can include just a single blade format, which locks in place, and/or can include other tools that may become necessary, including things like can openers, nail clippers, screwdriver, and more. The right Swiss Army knife or other similar pocketknife can be a great inclusion among your outdoor knives’ collection, because it can be versatile enough to provide a number of different uses, yet easy enough to carry that you can simply slip it in a pocket.

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