The Benefits of Having A Career In The Field Of Social Anthropology

Owing to my exposure to anthropology via courses from my Sociology major, I have gotten the privilege to interact with lecturers who happen to be specialists within the field of social anthropology. To begin with, they made it clear that good anthropologists usually possess distinctive personality traits. According to one lecturer, anthropologists must be adventurous, jovial, meticulous, extroverted, intuitive, assertive, and also compassionate. Mark Hauser

From my own opinion, social anthropologists must possess a knack and passion for research in general. One of my lecturers, who is a social anthropologists who specializes in violence, always shares his exploits from the field with us as students. What is very clear is that, it requires great sacrifices from the anthropologist himself, as he may be embroiled in an intensive research which takes him away from home for extended periods while he is out in the field. Also it may prove hectic for the researcher when he must meet deadlines in writing up his theses, reports and projects.

In his own experience in studying social violence, my lecturer has realized many luxuries and benefits. He is well-travelled, has built up for himself a huge repository of knowledge and experience, has distinguished himself as a key stakeholder within the Jamaican and also international societies.

He has advised governments all over the world, as it relates to fine-tuning and developing their violence policies and prevention programmes. He has worked with several arms of the United Nations along with a slew of local media-houses and organizations.

He however attested to near death experiences within the field, in that he literally dodged a bullet as the saying goes. He outlined that, the anthropologist must have some intimate connection to the niche in which he chooses to specialize; whether it be: medical, cultural, linguistic, or archaeological anthropology.

There are also several jobs within anthropology, which you could assume as an anthropology major, some of which are: market researcher, ethnologist, research assistant, qualitative researcher, survey interviewer, travel counsellor, museum interpreter, and social worker, just to name a few.

Essentially a career in as vast a field as social anthropology may offer you the individual an invaluable set of life experiences, knowledge and quality education, travel and diplomatic opportunities. This field may offer you a job you’ll love, and probably decide to occupy, for the rest of your working life.

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